BLUE volume 3 title screen

i’ve recently released volume 3 of Calculus BLUE on my YouTube channel. you can check out the playlist here. it’s 6.5 hours of animated content & will keep you busy.

let’s focus on an image from the title screen…

calcBLUE vol 3 title screen

what do we have here? as with the others, there are a few hints and foreshadowings… this volume is on multivariate integrals. what do you notice? i will admit to the following:

  • lots of blocks, hinting at riemann sums (but in a hex grid…hmmmm…)
  • a plane sweeping from side-to-side, hinting at the fubini theorem
  • a lot of falling balls, bouncing off the blocks: ahha, a modification of a classic quincunx, since we do a lot of applications to probability
  • is that a gaussian rising from the bottom? hmmmm…
  • and what is with those three circles?

there are a few visual touches that were intentional. the blocks are translucent with a fresnel shader, so they are invisible head-on and you only see them by the absence of balls. the sweeping plane is luminescent and does some nice things to the blocks.

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